1:40 Scale Model of Scelidosaurus

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1:40 Scale Model of Scelidosaurus


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A hand-painted, highly detailed 1:40 scale model of the armoured dinosaur Scelidosaurus

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A highly detailed model of the British armoured dinosaur Scelidosaurus, fossils of which have been found in Dorset.

A super model of this rare, British dinosaur, great for creative play.

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Weight 240 g



Skel-eye-doh-sore-us (Limb lizard)


Length 23 cm, Height at shoulder spikes 8 cm

1 review for 1:40 Scale Model of Scelidosaurus

  1. Prehistoric Times

    A finely detailed reconstruction that exceeded my hopes. It combines attractive design with reconstructions based on the most recent fossils.

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